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Twenty interesting facts connected with buying real Youtube views!

Here I want to make an overview of the most interesting and unexpected facts connected with buying real Youtube views: buy youtube views credit card

Some of the facts reviewed in this article are not widely known, thus it will be interesting to know the following information about the biggest video recordings storage.
It is clear that pictures can be spread and shares in Facebook, Vkontakte or other social networks, but it requires implementation of a set of excess actions.
1. Founders of this famous service - Steve Chan, Jawed Carim, Chad Hurley have worked on Paypal service when they started their own project.
2. Service's domain was registered on Saint Valentines Day - 14-th of February 2005 year.
3. Seventy percent of registered users are from United States and fifty percent of the users are younger than 20 years old.
4. This service has enough material for releasing over 60000 films a week. Probably if they were a Hollywood cinema company they would overtaken the Bollywood cinema companies in production of films.
5. To exceed the two-month volume of video downloads on Youtube, three biggest television companies would have to work around the clock without holidays for over 60 years.
6. The overall traffic level on Youtube is approximately the same as used by all Internet in distant 2000 year. Best place to buy real youtube views using Paypal.
7. It needs more than 1000 years to watch all the videos on this site(of course, until this moment it will be even more videos).
8. The most popular category for video downloading is "Music" which has about 20 percent of all published videos
9. The biggest Youtube downloaders are from United States, second place holds Great Britain.
10. The first video recording was posted on Youtube under the title "I am in the ZOO" April, 23-d 2005 by one the Service's foundator Jawed Carim.
11. Every day there are over 2 billion views of videos on this Service.
12. In 2006 Youtube was bought by Google for over 1,6 billion dollars.
13. The first video which opened the Russian version of this famous service in 2007 was the clip of singer Peter Nalitch for his song "Guitar"
14. 13-th of March 2007 year the "Viacom" submitted a lawsuit against Google accusing the Youtube in copyright infringement. Also they wanted to get personal data of all users of this service. Federal judge of South county of New York state has satisfied the plaintiff's requirements breaking by this solution the federal legislation of USA.
15. YouTube gives a perfect chance to declare itself publicly. Many users whose video became popular, later became real stars outside of the Internet. For example, a superstar-boy from Canada Jastin Bieber a got costly contract with Recording company due to his videos posted by Bieber's mother in YouTube.
16. If during the video downloading You will press on the up, down, left or right key(alternative: clamp the up and left key), then game "Snake" will turn on.
17. Due to the official statistics, there are 35 hours of video downloadings per minute, and for the day it reaches 50400 hours.
18. Remoted video can be viewed by a special program, like Deleted YouTube Video Viewer.
19. Chinese Government blocked the access to the YouTube after the publication of video recording with soldiers who beat Tibetan monks and Tibetan citizens.
20. According to the Wikipedia data, 15-th pf February 2005 year is an official beginning of the YouTube history.
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